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Advantage Controls Megatron XS Controllers

Posted by dhourigan, 07 July 2017 · 76 views

Advantage Controls Megatron XS Free Shipping Low Prices Advantage Controls LLC. Controllers
Advantage Controls Megatron XS Controllers At Richard Hourigan, Inc. dba The Water Treatment Store we have incredible prices on the Advantage Controls Megatron XS series of controllers. We have not found anyone able or willing to match our prices. We will meet or beat anyone's prices.


Many of the more popular models are available for direct purchase using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. Here is the hyperlink to view our online offerings: https://www.richardh...ontrollers.html

Additionally, we have a generic Megatron XS page where you can "Build Your Own" Megatron XS. Here is that hyperlink: https://www.richardh...megatronxs.html

If you prefer, to deal with a person, contact Dick Hourigan using our Contact Us page at https://www.richardh....com/contact-us and we will write a custom quotation for you. This page requests necessary information to write and transmit a quotation for you,

Models currently available for direct purchase from the websirte are: The Megatron XS XSB2F3, The Megatron XS XSB2F3E6, The Megatron XS XSB2F3E6, The Megatron XS XSCE, The Megatron XS XSCF3, The Megatron XS XSCF3E, The Megatron XS XSCF3E-H1, The Megatron XS XSCPF1-H1, The Megatron XS XSCPF3, The Megatron XS XSCPF3E-H1, The Megatron XS XSCPRF2E-H1, The Megatron XS XSF2U3, and The Megatron XS XSPRE.

Richard Hourigan, Inc. dba TheWaterTreatmentStore.com is a veteran owned small business. Our DUNS NUMBER is: 963909205. Our CAGE CODE is: 370N8

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Richard Hourigan, Inc. owns MissedPerceptions.com and TheWaterTreatmentStore.com, is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Delaware with an A Plus rating, and a member of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT).

Dick Hourigan, the owner, is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and an Analytical Chemist with over 40 years experience in the Water Treatment Industry. Richard Hourigan, Inc. was incorporated on December 4, 1992.

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